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This is a artical about unstoppable  nelvain girl who killed all jedi general

" Im am lord four. I make controls. I am new ruler of the new EMPIRE LIKE DARTH VADER !"

Kochi Nava is now back to being lord

Biography[edit | edit source]

Lord four is born in 90,000 bby as a name Kochi Nava. In nelvina Kochi is serve as a slave by watto' s great great great great great great great great great grandfather. Then she escapes and killed todo. In 50,000 she saw the future of the unstoppable jedi named obi wan Kenobi. She had nightmares about him for the 1,000 Years. In 21,97 she saw a beautiful girl named kuro shuro. She bullies her


Kochi Nava first words to kuro

Kochi Nava and general grievous first met at the end of base war. Kochi Nava tells grievous about her evil skills she is good at form 3 soresu. In 19 bby Kochi Nava is replaced by darth Vader as the lord and replaced by obi wan Kenobi as the greatness of form 3. And on utapau she is upset the grievous died because of obi wan.  In 45 aby She saw general grievous back from the dead they missed each other. She is now training grievous to become stronger like lord four

Death[edit | edit source]

" so you must be obi wan Kenobi the jedi general"                          " your life is over Kochi Nava I know your real name FROM KURO!"

Kochi Nava and obi wan Kenobi before the battle is started

Kochi Nava met obi wan Kenobi in her temple obi wan Kenobi feels 1,000 and more rage at her. Kochi Nava feels scared ( not really )  Kochi has two lightsabers obi wan has one. The battle has began. Kochi Nava kicks obi wan Kenobi and helds a his lightsaber with her 3rd hand ( grows from under her skirt ) obi wan Kenobi tries to escape but it's the dead end. Kochi Nava found him. However obi wan Kenobi use force to get his lightsaber and stab her 


" well well looks like your going to destroy me HA! Oh I don't think so"

Kochi Nava last words and obi wan saying at her dead body.

her legacy  under a gravestone at nelvana graveyard with history about her on her gravestone.

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