Black Burn during the Jedi Purge.

Personal Info[edit | edit source]

Homeworld: Kamino

Born: 29 BBY, Kamino

Died: 19 BBY, Courascant

Hair features: Head

Hair color: Black

Tatoo: None

Faction: Empire

First and last mission[edit | edit source]

As when he was 10 in 19 BBY, he was deployed against the Sepertists, he never fought those scrap heaps, I felt sorry for him, instead, he fought something harder...Jedi.

Black Burn with Lord Vader and the rest of the leigon

Commander CC-1562 on Private Black Burn

After our new commander, Lord vader, we were given orders to kill the traitors of the republic. We marched in. I received a transmission from our advizer. He told us to capture the jedi order room. We marched. Jedi jumped from the ceiling. We shot at them. They weren't that hard. 'They are harder then those scrap heaps I will tell you'. Commander Head-Shot said. We finnaly captured the temple chamber room. Now the advizer wanted us to protect the holobooks. We defended them for two minutes with high losses. Now I had to retreive a holocron and bring it back to a gunship. I did that. Now Lord vader did the rest. I shot at more jedi, angering me that they were traitors. 'Traitors!' I yelled. I killed jedi after jedi. I saw one of my training comrades get stabbed in the heart. ''Jok!' I yelled. I shot the jedi in the head. After we did all our objectives, we finished off the jedi. We lost so many that day, but that might of been the finest hour. I walked on a platfo

Fox aiming his gun at Bail

rm. I saw Bail Organa. Fox and Organa talked for a minute. Then Fox aimed his gun at Bail. 'Sorry sir, its time for you to leave'. Fox said. Bail went to his speeder. A jedi came out of the temple. It was a padawan. We shot at it. After awhile of shoot him, the jedi killed me. My death was avenged by 501st leigon clone trooper sergeant fox. After Bail left Fox checked my pulse. He is dead. Fox said in his thoughts. Everyone knew I was dead.

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