RC-2121 was a clone commando of Jango Fett.

He was first deployed during the first battle of Geonosis.

He and his squad-mates were all killed during the mission.

First and last mission[edit | edit source]

RC-2121 was deployed to geonosis only for an assasination. Their target was a Trando general. The gunship was flying in air. The flak was hevy. We saw a gunship crash into another. Then it was u

RC-2121 and his squad marching up to the LAAT before they get killed

s. We crashed near the place where the Trando was hiding. We climbed up the big hunk of scrap. We got on the top. One commando was still climb. Anytime. I said. He fell. He flipped backwards. He managed to hold on to the rock. He climbed up. We cut a hole through the roof. We are in. Now lets kill this guy and go home. I said. Our sniper went in sniper position. He took the shot. The Trando fell dead. Lets get outta here! I yelled. I sliped down the wall. We ran through bugs. We shot them on the go. Once in awhile someone would get hurt and would need some field bacta. We ran as fast we could. Shooting things on the go, dropping grenades behinds us. It was a mad house. We got to the ship. Little did they know that the ship was a bomb. We got in side. Whats that ticking noise? I asked. Then I heard quicker beeps. BOMBS! I yelled. I opened the gunship door, but didn't make it outside the gunship. We were all killed.

Tender squads objective was completed, making this war more easy.

Their death will not go unnoticed


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