Tin is a clone of Jango Fett.

Tin's Battalion as cruisers leave.

Deserting[edit | edit source]

Tin walked out of his cruiser with a battalion. They landed on Alderan. The cruisers left. Then Tin saw a rocket. It hit both cruisers. Hit the dirt now! Tin yelled. A droid ambush came. Snipers shot most people that didn't get hit by peices of the cruisers. Feir'fek its a firefight! Tin cryed. A dust storm become. Clones shot at the snipers but none accurate. Some fire was friendly fire. Tin got his legs crushed by a peice of the engines. Boomy tryed to help him but an engines flew right him, making him fly. Ahhhhhhhhhh! Boomy and a few clones yelled. Tin went out cold. A few clones survived. They hid inside the cruisers. They dragged Tin with them. The clone commander greeted Tin when he woke up. The commander was with 6 clones. They heard foot steps at the door. Tin and another clone offered to cover the door. They did so. They loaded. The clone commander said hold fire because there was no metal clanking. 1 clone walked in the room with a wounded clone trooper in his arms. A medic healed the wounded clone, but he told it was best for him to rest. 10 more clones went in the bridge. There was 20 of them. You 5, secure the cruiser, contact us on your comlink for help. They nodded. Tin was with them. They watched each others backs in a circle. They heard something further down the room. It was blasters. They ran down. 3 clones were battling 40 droids. The clones noticed the squad. The squadleader told the 3 to follow them. They ran towards the bridge. The doors were shutting. The clones slid under the doors. A clone got killed by a droid. They moved and locked the bridge. The squad and Tin and 2 others were panting. Tin said to get ready for droids coming the bridge. We barricaded ourselfs in the bridge. The droids broke in. We hid in the ventallation shaft. We shot at them from above. We destroyed them all. We jumped down. 5 clones joined us. Then 10. We were all the bridge. 10 clones guarded the bridge. As soon as we left. The bridge blew up. When we opened the door. A clone fell of the edge of the door. Another rocket hit the cruiser, kill every member of the clones besides Tin and one other. They went outside. They deside to go sperate ways.

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