This person was a rebellion gunner of the rebellion flag ship, The darkness. He got killed from impact.

Death[edit | edit source]

As his crew went to light speed, the were given the wrong destionation. They entered the Kessel system. This is Kamino? The trooper asked. We then got hit. Enemys are flanking us! The bridge commander reported. I got to the guns. The trooper fired shots over and over again. We destroyed 1/3 of the cruisers. Our shields are disabled! The commander reported. We launched fighters. Our engines are destroyed! The commander reported. We I destroyed the shields of the cruisers, and destroyed one, but we had trouble destroy that. A bomber bombed the cruiser, killing everyone but the commander, a captain, and I. A big hole was in the ship. I screamed for help. They opened the door. The handed out a rope. I grabbed it. They pulled. I was then in the bri

The darkness

dge. The blast doors closed. We were all in the bridge. The bridge detached from the cruiser. The bridges mini engines fired up. We all knew what to do. We piloted to the bridge. As we were about to crash in to the imperial cruiser, we shouted as we held hands, 'For freedom! For justice! FOR THE REBELLION!'! We crashed. We were dead. There were no ships above Kessel. We did manage to put a distress signal. 4 rebellion cruisers came from hyperspace. They saw the wreckage.

The end

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